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On August 7, 1941 the Lords. Francisco Kraus Wetheimer and Petro Menéndez Préndez constitute the Sociedad Refinadora Nacional Ltda., Dedicated primarily to the recovery and refining of noble metals..

In 1948 the activity was extended to the refining and treatment of other non-ferrous metals, mainly copper, lead, tin and zinc, establishing Sorena as such. In February 1952 he moved to a new plant built in Santiago.

Already in 1954 more than 15 types of bronze and brass were manufactured in ingots, hard leads for batteries and fire refined leads, white metals and lead tin solders.

In 1955 a copper refining furnace and model wheel was installed, a process that leads to the production of 99.7% refined copper from scrap. In 1992, more than 100 tons of refined copper was exported monthly.

In the 50s, the first smoke collection systems were installed, from the beginning a concern for environmental issues was present, that has led to today were there are four capture systems and independent filters.

From 1963 onwards the company was transformed into Industrias Metalúrgicas Sorena S.A. under the same ownership.

Exports to the United States and Canada of type GP (General Purpose) bushings began Iin the 60s the, reaching over 100,000 units per month. Since that time, X-ray diffraction equipment was installed, and in 1977 the first X-ray computerized fluorescence spectrometer that operated in Latin America was installed..

Today Sorena has a plant with bronze foundries by sand method, centrifuge, conventional machining equipment and CNC for series production in Santiago and a master for recovery of heavy equipment, located in the city of Antofagasta.

Sorena S.A. has been present in the national industry for over half a century, participating actively in its development, its main support being high technology and control of its processes, which added to the great experience of its team, allows it to deliver customized solutions and of high reliability, managing to maintain national and international leadership.


To be a world class company in the delivery of integral solutions at a global level, offering reliable products and services to our clients, at competitive prices.


We are collaborators of the mining industry in solutions for the processes of Extraction and Comminution, using efficient technological processes, generating an acceptable profitability for shareholders, achieving satisfied customers with our products and services, we have motivated and committed personnel according to the values of the company and we contribute to the integral development of our collaborators in a safe and clean work environment, in harmony with the community.

Our Values

    • Act in an environment of trust and mutual respect with our customers, collaborators and suppliers.
    • Maintain honest and loyal conduct with strict adherence to ethical standards.
    • Work thinking about the client.
    • Provide quality products and services under the agreed upon conditions.
    • Respect the agreements and commitments made.
    • Have personnel committed to safety.
    • To promote safe, clean and orderly work environments..
    • Doing things right the first time.
    • Work in controlled processes, with continuous improvement and creativity.
    • Work as a team in an environment of participation, collaboration and mutual support.
    • Use resources efficiently, avoiding waste and waste.
    • Encourage good relations with the community.
    • Work with processes that promote respect for the environment.

Our Commitment

  • Respect Act in an environment of trust and respect.
  • Work together with our clients Provide quality products and services under the agreed upon conditions.
  • Team Work Work in an atmosphere of participation, collaboration and mutual support.
  • Respect for the community. Encourage good relations with the community.
  • Stable relationships with suppliers. Find a lasting relationship with mutual benefits.
  • Respect for people. Honest and loyal conduct. Respect the agreements and commitments made.
  • Hard work. Working conditions free of risks. Staff committed to safety.
  • Technological development. Work in controlled processes, continuous improvement and creativity.

Felipe Izquierdo González

General Manager
Sorena S.A.

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