Custom Bronze Parts

We manufacture the best custom parts for components and machineries in different copper alloys.

Custom Bronze Parts

Our alloys are characterized by their low coefficient of friction, resistance to corrosion, high thermal conductivity and high impact resistance, all of which are controlled and certified spectrographically.

Our modern facilities and equipment, coupled with our experienced professionals and technicians, allow us to manufacture a wide range of bronze parts, from the smallest pieces to the largest ones (from 1 kg up to 6,000 kg and diameters up to 4.6 mt.).

Most of the parts we produce are manufactured in High Lead Bronzes (C38000- C94000). Generally these pieces are of large dimensions and weight and are used in primary and secondary crushers and blades of different types.

We provide Mining, Energy, Forestry and other items that require certified quality brass parts of large dimensions.

Centrifugal casting process.

Sorena has a variety of horizontal and vertical centrifugal machines that allow us to melt small parts and even up of 6 tons. With this technology we can melt parts in less time and with better mechanical properties than a static casting.