Our Facilities

We have high level facilities and equipment that allows us to offer a wide range of services.

We have two plants strategically located in Santiago and Antofagasta equipped with high level machinery and precision that allows us to offer a wide variety of services.

Sorena has a set of high precision machines / tools (equipped with CNC), among which are some of the largest machines in the country: vertical lathes, horizontal lathes, sweepers, machining center and capacity of lifting of up to 100 tons


Our smelting facilities satisfy the requirements of industrial parts of Bronze, of single or serial pieces, of cylindrical or tabular geometry, of small and large dimensions. For this, Sorena has a 6-ton melting capacity. With two casting processes:

  • Centrifugal Casting. Through various centrifugal machines, pieces are melted from 55mm - 1350mm x 150mm in height.
  • Sand Casting . Traditional model system in sand, by means of induction furnaces (we have 11 ovens between 2500 kg and 1500 kg.)
In support of the above, Sorena has its own modeling workshop, which allows us to develop new parts and molds at the request of our customers.


We have a hydraulic roller with four rollers, with a capacity of up to 75mm. of thickness and 3mts. wide.

Thermal Treatment Oven

Oven for thermal treatment of distension, with automatic controller, with dimensions of 6mt x 6mt x 6mt.

Oxycut and Plasma.

Sorena has a CNC cutting table with a size of 2.5 mt. x 16 mt. with an Oxycut capacity of plates of thickness of 200mm. and with Plasma cutting up to 20mm. thick.

Welding / Torching.

Welding machines are available for Submerged Arc (SAW), Tubular Semiautomatic (FCAW) and Manual Arc (SMAW).